Bet "grenade kill" in CS:GO

Bet “grenade kill” in CS:GO

A grenade kill bet is one of the specific betting options in CS:GO. The bookmakers rarely see the outcome. Let’s take a closer look at whether such a market is worth considering.

When does a grenade kill count in CS:GO?

In CS:GO, players get several kill options. You can use the following to kill an opponent:

  • edged weapons;
  • firearms;
  • Bomb (a round win is awarded immediately to a terrorist);
  • grenade.

The latter variants of obtaining a frag are common. They occur in the professional arena and amongst amateurs. Exploding a grenade will drain a certain percentage of your opponent’s health. The final value depends on the player’s proximity to the epicentre. Sometimes the damage is enough to kill a character.

Statistics on the grenade kill are not kept. However, such events occur with a fair amount of regularity.

Margin on a grenade kill

The profitability of a particular market is determined by the bookmaker’s margin. The odds decrease as the unconditional commission increases. The figure is floating. However, there are some regularities in the growth. Bookmakers are increasing the criterion for additional markets. On the outcome “Yes” in the match Heroic vs Astralis bookmaker offered 1.27. The opposite result will increase the bet by 3.54 times. The final figure is at 6.99%. For secondary outcomes, the specified parameter can be considered good. Usually the commission on additional margins is at the level of 8%.

Is it worth betting on the grenade kill in CS:GO?

Playing in the above market is difficult. There are enough reasons for this opinion. Difficulties arise due to a number of factors:

  • Limited supply;
  • Problems with the choice of game model;
  • low limits;
  • Difficulty in forecasting.

Each has its own negative role to play. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Limited supply

The market has appeared relatively recently. Many legal betting operators do not consider the market yet. In fact, we managed to find an outcome only at 1xStavka. Yes, and in this case the specified option rarely appears. Betting on destroying an opponent with a grenade won’t work all the time.

Problems with picking a model

Difficulties arise because of problems with the choice of betting strategy. Let’s take the above example to illustrate the situation. For the outcome “Yes” the bookmaker offers odds of 1.27. For other encounters the figure will vary, let’s take the average value of 1.30.

Bet "grenade kill" in CS:GO

It is impossible to turn a profit at these odds. A 76.92% pass rate is needed to break even. That kind of performance cannot be achieved. The player has no choice but to bet on a “No” result. An odds of 3.5 looks attractive. In order to pass to the plus side an accuracy of 28.57% is required. However, it is difficult to achieve. The outcomes with such odds are rare. It is impossible to place a bet at random, a preliminary game analysis is required. But it is impossible to estimate the probability of such a result.

Prediction difficulties

We were unable to find statistics on grenade killings. Perhaps, such information does not exist in nature. Such tools are used in battle by all gamers without exception. The lack of confirmed stats does not allow us to predict the chance of this or that result.

Low Limits

The market is new and not studied enough for BK. Giving high betting limits is impossible. In theory, bettors could use a “No” to overtake the outcome. Sooner or later the desired event will come, it will be possible to win back the bet. However, sooner the player will be stymied by the limitations of the bookmaker’s office. In fact, this betting model will turn out to be unprofitable. Low limits make it impossible to count on making good money even with a detailed prediction.

To bet or not to bet?

This kind of betting can be used for fun only. We don’t recommend to take it as a basis for betting.