Betting on knife kills in CS:GO

Betting on knife kills in CS:GO

Betting on the CS:GO stabbing kill is a relatively new market for betting. Bookmakers rarely add such an event to their line-up, but the dynamics of eSports and the increasing interest in the disciplines on the operators’ part suggest that legal bookmakers will soon be expanding the range of bets.

What is a knife kill in CS:GO?

The world’s most popular shooter has a variety of options for taking down enemies. Gamers can shoot their enemies, blow them up with a grenade, or stab them to death. The latter action option is rare in professional sports.

Players use knives more often during matches to increase their movement speed. The weight of the weapon in the hands of the player’s character is reduced, allowing him to run faster. The gamer gets a slight advantage over his opponent.

Stab is of 2 types. In the first case, the character hits the opponent quickly, but does little damage. In the second, the movement is slow. However, this disadvantage is compensated by the power.

Do gamers often use knife kills?

Knife kills are common in normal games. Gamers can have a melee duel by throwing a firearm or agreeing to it in chat beforehand. The unspoken rule some time ago was to agree unconditionally to such a confrontation. Some even stabbed each other in knife-fighting rounds. Gradually, however, this rule has been abandoned.

In competitive CS:GO, gaining a frag for close combat is exceptional. Such actions are very rare:

  1. Knife kills can be used in economic rounds. The gamer’s tactic is to wait. The player takes a position on the map, trying to hide from the eyes of the enemy as much as possible. When approaching the enemy has the sense to quickly jump out of hiding and strike with a cold weapon. A method rarely used. Experienced gamers prefer to shoot your opponent. The effect is less, but more reliable.
  2. Killing with a knife used to humiliate the enemy. For example, this can be done in matches of irreconcilable opponents to prove their superiority.
  3. This variant of getting the edge is used in open combat. Players in an open area shoot at each other and gradually get closer. If there is not enough ammo, the gamer can snatch a knife and stab their opponent. This method is rarely used. If there is a shortage of ammunition on the main weapon, gamers prefer to draw their pistols.

In competitive CS:GO, killing with a knife is exceptional. Destroying opponents with cold weapons boosts team morale and demoralises opponents. But it is a psychological option that gamers rarely use. Professional athletes prefer to finish a fight as safely as possible.

H2 Should you bet on a stabbing kill?
You should only bet on a stabbing kill in matches between irreconcilable opponents or teams of different classes. There should be a huge gap between the teams in terms of skill level. In such a case the chances of an event to take place are slightly increased.

When picking a match you should take into consideration the type of the tournament and the staging. At the top tournaments blazes don’t allow themselves to fight with knives. Gamers prefer to play more reliably. As the tournament gets closer to the final, the players get more and more focused.

Betting against the event is not recommended. This betting option may seem attractive:

  • low probability of the event occurring;
  • high odds of winning the bet;
  • odds are small, but returns are almost guaranteed.

To be in the black at 1.06 you need a pass rate of 95%. It is virtually impossible to achieve such results. When playing at low odds, the number of winning bets will be high, but the bank will gradually go into deficit.

The “Yes” option can only be used as normal entertainment. It is not worth trying to build a valid tactic on this market. The downside of the market is the small representation. These outcomes are available on the websites of at least three betting companies.