Betting on Call of Duty

Betting on Call of Duty

Cyber sport is growing by leaps and bounds, and bookmakers are competing in line and spreads across various cyber sports disciplines. Today we are going to talk about the second most popular game in cybersport. Call of Duty is a team-based game that focuses on multiplayer.

What is the essence of Call of Duty?

The goal in the game is simple – to either destroy all the members of the enemy team, or to defuse the bomb. The various championships do not use any storyline, but the set of maps and country affiliation are maintained.

How do I predict Call of Duty events?

As with any cyber sports discipline, there are common points as well as specifics. Let’s start with the main points to pay attention to before betting on Call of Duty:

  • To begin with, the most popular and cutting-edge championships need to be explored. These will be discussed next.
  • The next step is to analyze the teams as a whole and take apart each individual player. Pay attention to what strategy the team chooses on certain maps, as well as the chemistry of the players. Often a strong team is better at playing individual “favourite” maps, where their tactics are more honed and their actions brought to automatism.

Once you have learned the basic information, you need to move on to a deeper analysis. Find a bookmaker who has the widest coverage for a particular championship.

Betting on Call of Duty in bookmakers

  • The first option for betting on Call of Duty is the main outcome. In other words, a victory of the first or second team. Here it is important to pay attention to the odds. If the bookmaker allocates a clear favorite and leaves no chance for the underdog, it makes sense to think about betting on handicaps, the exact score or on the victory of a certain team on a particular card.
  • Goal handicaps on cards can also be a good bet, as long as you know both teams well and know each team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Betting on a single card to win is a riskier enterprise. Here the bettor should already have a clear understanding of which cards are most suitable for the cyber sports team. To have this information, it is worth following the teams’ performance in the championships on a regular basis.
  • Team 1 / Team 2 will win at least one card. If the opponents are roughly equal in strength, the odds for this type of betting will be low. If there is a clear favourite and an underdog, the odds will be heavily favoured.
  • Correct score is a risky proposition. Of course you can try to predict the exact score in a match between professionals and underdogs, but in other cases it is a risky bet.

Championships and tournaments on Call of Duty

The biggest tournaments are Call of Duty Championships. The tournaments are further divided by leagues – professional and amateur. If players win in the amateur league, they get a chance to compete at the professional level for more valuable prize money. There is no point in looking at every little competition in isolation. Here are a few of them:

  • CWL Pro League.
  • CWL Anaheim.
  • CWL Seattle and many others.

For the novice player, it is important to find the tournament schedule and already analyze and predict the main bets by the beginning of the cyber-event. Another important thing to consider is the video broadcasts. Popular and reliable bookmakers often broadcast events, but in emerging cyber sports this is sometimes not possible. Therefore, bettors passionate about eSports have to look for third-party resources. The easiest option is to find a feed on the tournament organiser’s official website.

Useful resources on CoD

Since eSports is still in the public eye, you have to gather information from various sources and go the extra mile to analyze the events. But if you do your research the right way, you’ll find sites and resources that make the process of predicting events easier. For example, It has everything from tournament data, teams and players, to prize pools, general standings tables and links to event broadcasts. The only drawback of this site is that all content is in English.