Betting "Will a bomb be planted in the round" in CS:GO

Betting “Will a bomb be planted in the round” in CS:GO

Whether a bomb will be planted in a round in CS:GO is a bet on a terrorist side planting a bomb in a specified period of gameplay. Among bookmakers focused more on the eSports community, this market rarely appears in the lineup. In today’s article, our readers will learn what to look out for when analysing duels, the risks of betting and the choice of bookmaker.

When will the “will the bomb be planted” bet be considered a winning one?

In one of CS:GO’s most popular modes, which is currently a competitive mode, the terrorist side must plant a bomb and wait for it to explode. The terrorists (abbreviated T) will also win if they simply kill all the counter-terrorists (abbreviated CT), but the specification also applies in reverse. The task of the CTs is simply to prevent them from planting explosives. If this condition for victory on the counter side is failed, the bomb must be defused. Ignoring the timer before detonation will also defeat the CT side. So, if the terrorists plant an explosive on one of the points on the selected map, the condition of the outcome will be deemed fulfilled.

Betting "Will a bomb be planted in the round" in CS:GO

What does the situation in CS:GO depend on?

Bombing depends on the factors listed below:

  • The map chosen, as well as the average percentage of wins on it.

On most maps, counter-terrorists have a small but tangible advantage, so the most common winners are those who have scored the most rounds for CT. The percentage of wins for one or the other team can be viewed on a resource such as, under the “Stats” section of the cyber sports team’s personal profile. More aggregated wagering stats can be found behind the collapsed tabs. In addition, the win/loss percentage is available at

Betting "Will a bomb be planted in the round" in CS:GO
  • The current form of the participants in the match.

The current form of the teams is very important for a high quality prediction. It is essential to keep an eye on the standings of each cyber sporting event, as this can be of great help later on.

  • Tactical designs aimed at deliberately ignoring the conditions of the game.

Most professionals can incorporate new game-ordering schemes into their plan. In CS:GO, as in poker, it is possible to deliberately make false moves to confuse your opponent. These are often referred to as ‘fakes’ to gain tactical and positional advantage. For example, attacking players may choose to fire smoke-screen grenades at a safe area on the map where the defender is sitting in ambush. The defenders begin to assume that an attack is about to begin on their stronghold, and sit there waiting for their opponents to show up. For a more plausible fake-out, a small part of the team may show up slightly at the location of the intended firefight. Successful faking is followed by the exact opposite game action, skipping the minesweeping phase of one of the points even for an entire round. As you can see, in CS:GO it’s not just speed of aiming that decides, but also tactical cunning.

Pros and cons of the “Will the bomb be planted” bet


  • Possible high probability that the bet will play in the bettor’s favour with a well conducted statistical analysis. Looking at the KT and T win percentage of the two teams for the selected card, some conclusions can be drawn about the bet.
  • Not a bad odds on the outcome “Yes” (around 1.60).
Betting "Will a bomb be planted in the round" in CS:GO

The more often a round is won for terrorists, the more likely it will be to set explosives. This is the most trivial logical conclusion to draw from the number of team wins on the map. However, victory does not always depend on explosives action. Often a team can plant a bomb and still lose a round. The roster will lose the game, but the BK customer’s bet will play, as the explosives have been placed in the right place.

Important: The exact number of pledges made is not yet recorded on any resource, so the outcome of “will the bomb be placed” is most often seen as entertainment. Accordingly, no serious player bets large sums here.

Such statistics are not currently tracked, but they would add valuable information to fans, commentators and subscribers. Knowing how often a team bombs at any point would make the difference in how often a team attacks a position/location/point. This wouldn’t be of much use in any particular match, but over time we would learn clear trends of which laying points on each map each team prefers. This in turn would give us a better understanding of their game plan.

Betting "Will a bomb be planted in the round" in CS:GO


  • An extremely rare outcome in the bookmakers’ line.
  • Analysis may be futile if the team has other plans and intentions.
  • Lack of statistics.